What is this Privacy Policy for?

Your data may be handled by us related to your use of our platform. Tis privacy notice (inclusive of our Terms and Conditions) describes our collection and sharing practices. That means it guides you about our measures by which we protect your data as per the Data Protection Laws and your privacy rights and at the same time it mentions the uses to which your personal data is put. We advise you to read it properly.

This statement applies to the Personal Data processed by when you perform the following listed activities:

  • When you visit our website.
  • When you avail any of the services like Use, Download, Access as applicable to any of our internet offerings.
  • When you visit and/or access our branded social media sites.
  • When you receive any kind of communication from us through calls or e-mails etc.

There is a list of data we acquire directly from you whilst you fill any form regarding our services. This information is limited to the as follows:

  • Name, Contact details, E-mail address, IMEI, Device details.
  • Your communication with our staff.
  • Content posted by you on our social media handles.
  • Information you provide in our feedback form or any online questionnaires.
  • Information fed by you during signing up for an account.

Also some information is obtained by us by monitoring your activities and this information includes IP addresses, Device details, browser types, domain names, and other anonymous statistical data regarding aggregate usage.

Finally, we also manage to get certain information that is available on other sources like public domains, social network etc.


We, at FIXMOBILEISSUE, use the personal data acquired from you when it is essential to perform or obligations or exercise our rights as per the contract, when we have a legitimate business idea where we require your personal data. Also for compelling to applicable laws and regulations we have your consent (that you have the right to withdraw by contacting us).

Such legal reasons are pointed out for the following general occurrences:

Functioning our website and provide services: Personal Data is used to perform our contractual obligations wherever required. In certain occurrences wherein we have not yet entered in the contract, this information is solely used for the management and promotion of our website; improve the services to be offered, and to provide the user the asked content.

User registration: According to our contractual responsibilities or legitimate interest to provide services, when you register with us, we process your information to register and administer your account as well as to help you with our technical and client support and training services

Support requests: In order to process your request regarding any query and build a communication we require the personal data so that we can contact you and provide you with our services.

Marketing communications: It is our solemn interest to market and promote our business by advertising our website and its features and hence we need to process your personal data to send certain marketing information and set up other communications to the extent with your prior consent.

Legal obligations: We may be required to access personal data for legal and compliance reasons that we believe are quite important and essential under the applicable law. Such processing may be required to respond to the request from courts, law enforcement agencies, regulatory agencies, and other public and government authorities; enforce our terms of service or other terms and conditions; or protect our rights, privacy, safety, or property, or those of other persons.

Tracking user’s usage of the platform: There are various tools from which we collect the information that we access to assess how you interact with the platform, that includes the information about your visit, such as your IP address, details of your computer system, your device ID, browser details and location, connections, or any data that we may acquire with the use of cookies. In most of the cases this process will be automatic. You can find more information regarding this in our cookies policy.

Disclosure of your information: We have to disclose your information to our certain contacted service providers including the body providing for hosting and system administration, payment processing, analytics, marketing, data enrichment, or client support for an efficient working and to abide by certain legal bases. The only data given to these entities is that which is required to sustain the services they provide to FIXMOBILEISSUES. There is no such parameter under which they can use this information other than providing FIXMOBILEISSUES the designated services.

  • Your Employer: in order to secure that you are an authorized user of FIXMOBILEISSUES, we may provide your information to your employer to verify the details, investigate any suspicious activities or to enforce our terms and policies.
  • Mergers or Acquisitions: in any situation of merger, acquisition, consolidation, change of control or dissolution, we may have to share or hand over the personal data to the acquiring party as per the applicable law. We will notify you if at all there is a situation to hand over the data to an unaffiliated third party.
  • Data Analytics: Occasionally we may provide third party anonymous information for it to be assessed so that required improvements can be made.
  • Friends/ Acquaintances: Please keep in mind that it is not the concern of FIXMOBILEISSUES what you share with your friends and acquaintances. Once the information is on the publically viewable pages that information can be accessed by others.
  • Public Forums: If any part of the website or FIXMOBILEISSUES enabled social media sites permit to post public forum, the personal data you choose to post may be visible.

Using Data in accordance with the Data Protection Law: Data Protection Law requires us to fulfil certain mandatory conditions before we can use your personal information. To use your personal information we have to rely on one of the following aspects.

  • Consent: We may provide you with some promotional offers related to our services where we may ask you for your consent for us to do so. This information is limited to extent prescribed by the data protection law. You may change your choice later.
  • Legitimate Interests: It is our legitimate interest to collect your personal information as it equips us with the Data we need to provide out services to you. We will always consider your interests to maintain a balanced working environment.
  • Compliance with legal obligations: In order to defend and protect our firm against a legal claim, we may use your data in order to prove and statistics or evidence of any kind.
  • Substantial Public Interest:We are permitted to process your personal data where it is necessary for reasons of substantial public interest, on the basis of Data Protection Laws.

Retention Period: The time period for which we retain your data depends solely to the business requirements and the legal obligations. We basically collect and retain your data in order to showcase the following points:

  • To show that we provided our services properly
  • To respond and resolve queries and problems.
  • To maintain a record as we are compelled to have as per the applicable authorities.
  • To demonstrate compliance with our regulatory obligations

Location of Processing: FIXMOBILEISSUES is solely based in India. Additionally, we extend our services in India only. It may be possible that some of the service providers that want to access your data maybe outside of your jurisdiction. We assure you that your data will be protected wherever it is located in a manner consistent with the standards of protection required under applicable law.

Minors: Our services are entirely subjected to business clients and not to minors. If you are a minor accessing out website then we request you to access the website with parental advice.

Security and personal information: All the information that we acquire from you is store in our subcontractors’ secure severs and accessed and used as per our security policies and standards. We cannot guarantee the security of these systems nor can we guarantee the information you have provided, on your behalf not to be intercepted while being transmitted over the internet.

How we may contact you: We contact you regarding the transactions you have initiated with us. If we have your permission then we may send you certain advertisements through different modes regarding updates and offers from our side. Sometimes we may reach up to you regarding to the feedback that can help us to improve our administration. Also we will surely contact you if at all there are any queries or problems.

Rights and obligations with respect to your data: You have a number of rights under data protection laws in relation to the way we process your personal data. These are set out below. You may contact us using the details in section 14 below to exercise any of these rights. We will respond to any request received from you within one month from the date of the request.


  • Right 1 A right to access personal data held by us about you.
  • Right 2 A right to require us to rectify any inaccurate personal data held by us about you.
  • Right 3 A right to require us to erase personal data held by us about you. This right will only apply where (for example): we no longer need to use the personal data to achieve the purpose we collected it for; or where you withdraw your consent (if we are using your personal data based on your consent); or where you object to the way we process your personal data (in line with Right 6 below).
  • Right 4 A right to restrict our processing of personal data held by us about you. This right will only apply where (for example): you dispute the accuracy of the personal data held by us; or where you would have the right to require us to erase the personal data but would prefer that our processing is restricted instead; or where we no longer need to use the personal data to achieve the purpose we collected it for, but you require the data for the purposes of dealing with legal claims.
  • Right 5 A right to receive personal data, which you have provided to us, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. You also have the right to require us to transfer this personal data to another organization, at your request.
  • Right 6 A right to object to our processing of your personal data (including for the purposes of sending promotional messages to you).
  • Right 7 A right to withdraw your consent, where we are relying on it to use your personal data (for example, to provide you with promotional messages about our services or products). If you withdraw your consent, we may not be able to provide certain products or services to you. These rights are subject to certain exemptions to safeguard the public interest (e.g. the prevention or detection of crime) and our interests (e.g. the maintenance of legal privilege).

Updating information: It is essential to keep your information up to date and accurate. We will rigorously attempt to keep your data updated as well as secured. Providing any sorts of incorrect or misleading data from your side can terminate the series of services provided by us.

Modification to privacy profile: We may modify this Privacy note as per our requirements as well as the modification in the applicable laws. We will notify you whenever we modify the privacy note and it will come into effect right from the day it is modified.

Questions regarding this statement of your information: If you have any complain regarding this Privacy note, you can comment or question us.

How to complain: We will be obliged to receive any constructive criticism on our services. You can complain about your concern to us using the above mentioned link. Also you have the right to complain to the relevant authority.